The Center for Refugee and Migration Services (zfm) (now Department for Refugee and Migration Services of Center ÜBERLEBEN) has worked for many years in the area of psychosocial care for refugees and migrants in Berlin.

Our team offers help from psychological and psychosocial counseling, to job qualification measures and education and employment placement.

The staff actively works in networking and lobbying for migrant and refugee rights. Together with other local, regional, national and European parties the Center ÜBERLEBEN is strongly committed to improve migrant work and refugee politics.

Since 2005, zfm has worked under the administration of the Berlin Center for Torture Victims (now Center ÜBERLEBEN).

In the other departements of Center Überleben our patients receive treatments as out-patients or in the Day Clinic for general medical, psychotherapeutic and psychosocial problems. Social workers assist patients further in legal matters relating to refugee status and foreign persons as well as in safeguarding these rights.

History of Center ÜBERLEBEN

1992  Founding of the Berlin Center for Torture Victims (bzfo)

1997  Founding of the Ueberleben Foundation for Torture Victims

2005  Cooperation with the Center for Migration and Refugee Services

2005  Founding of the non-profit organization Catania

2008  Combination of these organizations under the umbrella of the Center UEBERLEBEN

2016  Change of legal status from bzfo to the Center ÜBERLEBEN gGmbH