Time for Needs – Listening, Healing, Protecting. A Joint Action for an Appropriate Assessment of Special Needs of Victims of Torture and Violence.


Transnationale und wissenschaftliche Projekte, Fortbildung und Lobbyarbeit

Leitung und Ansprechpartner/innen

Dr. Boris Friele (Psychologe)
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Tel +49 30 303906 33

Nadja Saborowski (Juristin)
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Project Description

In line with the principles and regulations of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS), the general objective of the project is to contribute to the identification of special needs of victims of torture and of extreme violence, in particular women and children, related to the asylum procedures as well as the reception conditions and to the development of harmonized protection standards and practices across the European Union for this vulnerable target group.

The project aims at pursuing the following specific objectives:

  1. Sharing knowledge on legislative provisions and practices in the 6 participating countries regarding identification, procedural guarantees and reception facilities with respect to the target groups, and identification of possible gaps between the EU Directives and the domestic laws.
  2. Promoting exchange of information among participants organizations and between them and other stakeholders, including asylum institutions and policy makers, and identification of best practices concerning procedures to assess and meet the special needs of the target group.
  3. Improving specific competences of key stakeholders involved in the assessment of special needs of the target group.
  4. Promoting common criteria and methods for the assessments of vulnerability in terms of procedural and reception needs.
  5. Enhancing the level of procedural guarantees and tailored reception services for the target group through the development of indicators and tools, exchange of good practices and advocacy actions.
  6. Raising awareness on the specificity of needs of torture survivors and the related obligations of EU Member States.

Project partners:

ITALY: CIR Leading Agency - http://www.cir-onlus.org/it/
GERMANY: the BZFO - http://www.bzfo.de/
FRANCE: FTDA - http://www.france-terre-asile.org/
MALTA: ADITUS - http://aditus.org.mt/
GREECE: GCR - http://www.gcr.gr/index.php/en/
PORTUGAL:CPR - http://www.cpr.pt/
BELGIUM: ECRE - http://www.ecre.org/


AMIF Asylum, Migration, Integration Funds by of the European Commission


15. Dezember 2015 - 14. August 2017